Lia Smaka
Photographer | Filmmaker 
Lia Smaka is a photographer/filmmaker/ humanitarian aid worker seeking to increase awareness of the crisis of migrant death and suffering along the US/Mexico border.  Her new photo series, Palomino, is a collection of photographs taken March-April 2019 in Southern Arizona that highlights the harsh conditions of the Sonoran Desert, a corridor where thousands of people have died attempting to cross from Mexico into the United States. The intention of this work is to provide a window into the reality of the Southern Border to people who otherwise would have no visual connection. Her first film “The Cage” is an official selection of Oaxaca FilmFest, MINT film festival, and Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase among others. The film won the Platinum Award for Best Documentary Short in the Independent Shorts Awards in April, 2019 as well as an Honorable Mention for Short Documentary in The Florence Film Awards in June, 2019.